My Favorite Pond

Along a path in the woods behind a house of mine growing up was a pond. Through the seasons I would visit the pond and watch as the leaves would cling to the edges as if they were being dragged in. The cool damp ground surrounding the pond always made for an interesting variety of insects to gather around. Centipedes, spiders, beetles, worms, and other bugs could be seen all around on the ground surrounding the pond. In the pond, were fish, turtles, and tadpoles. Around the pond, birds surrounded in hopes of grabbing a quick meal from one of the insects teaming on the ground around the pond. My favorite season to visit this pond was in the fall. This was because of the color of all of the leaves in the woods leading up to the pond. The cool crisp air always signaled the changing of the seasons and the coming of the new year. It was natures way of winding down after a busy and brutal summer. The leaves were all scorched reds and yellows presumably from the heat. All in all, the atmosphere of the pond was magical to say the least.

Living at a house with a pond is much better than living at a house without one because if you ever need to put out a fire quickly you always have a quick supply of water nearby. Not only that, but it is great for entertaining guests. If you are able to purchase chairs then that changes the game when it comes to dinner parties and cookouts. A host with a nice pond is one that won’t ever be forgotten.

As the seasons change and the colors come and go the pond will always remain as long as rain continues in its natural patterns. A pond is a sure and steady way to improve the exterior of a home without destroying nature in the process.


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-George, Robinson