The Pond of Gold

There is an old tale about a pond of Gold. The tale starts with a homeowner who doesn’t know what to do with their property but they want to improve it drastically without putting a dent in their wallet. Luckily a magical troll by the name of Gregg manages to thrust himself into the life of our desperate homeowner. Gregg instructs the homeowner to invest in a pond. The homeowner doesn’t understand the trolls reasoning but decides to embark on the journey anyways. Gregg promised of gold coming from this pond. The homeowner didn’t know whether or not to trust the troll but Gregg seemed like a very responsible troll.

Eventually after a ton of labor, the pond was built. The pond was colored like a normal pond and there was no gold to be found. The homeowner asked Gregg why there wasn’t any gold to be found and Gregg responded “be patient.” Eventually animals started showing up along with people to the homeowner’s pond. These animals and people became the homeowners friends. At last they realized the gold that Gregg was referring to was all the good energy the pond generated on the property. The homeowner went on afterwards to create a foundation of pond installation specialists. This foundation went on to restore the worlds pond-less properties thus bringing gold to the planet.

Not only could this fantasy be a reality for you but you could help others know about the greatness of owning a pond. There are many pond installation specialists around the globe that would love to help generate golden moments with your future pond. Not only will it be the talk of the town, it will be the talk of the family as you now have a place to gather around for dinner. You don’t have to be Gregg the pond troll to understand the importance of having a pond. You also want to learn how to make more money so you have the free time to fish more.

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-George, Robinson